About us page – Wheelhouse Village pub in

Naughton Suffolk


The Naughton Wheelhouse’s landlady, Nancy, here for over a decade, is keen to preserve the true nature of a peaceful and welcoming traditional village pub whilst ever maintaining local interest and loyalty.


Her view is simple – serve the best beers, keep them well, and allow customers the time and space to actually enjoy the experience of savouring the true taste of good honest real ales in a friendly, comfortable and peaceful environment.

If you want a great pint – if you want to sit and enjoy conversation and actually hear what is being said – if you want to sit quietly and read, or simply watch the world go peacefully by – then the Wheelhouse is the village pub for you.

If you want to bring your well behaved dogs and feed them crisps whilst you enjoy the conversation, or your newspaper; then the Wheelhouse is the village pub for you.

If you want to go into the back bar and play some pool, darts, cribbage or dominos and enjoy some friendly banter with our local regulars then you are more than welcome and the Wheelhouse is the village pub for you.

If however, you idea of a great pub is games machines, a juke box, live football on sport TV taking over and shouting to hear yourself across the bar – then the Wheelhouse is not for you. We even stopped serving food as a general rule because Nancy felt she could not spend quality time with her customers nor could she ensure that her real ales were always given the care that they deserve.about_img2

We do still organise occasional hog roasts and special events in the beer gardens and we welcome clubs to enjoy our facilities. Feel free to use our books to sit and read and if you want to take the book home with you then feel free but it would be nice if you were to make a small donation to one or both of our two favourite charities:

  • Support-dogs.org.uk -   Charity training disability assistance dogs including seizure alert dogs and medical assistance dogs
  • Hearing-dogs.org.uk - British charity that trains and places canines with persons who are deaf or hard of hearing at no cost.

See for yourself what a real welcoming traditional village pub actually feels like – savour a drink, relax, and really let the cares of the world drift by, then visit the Wheelhouse today and ENJOY